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Our collection, containing a wealth of historical and scientific items, also includes the Historical Document Archive and the Historical Photograph Archive.


Historical Document Archive


The archive contains c. 60,000 printed items (manuscripts, unpublished scientific correspondence, drawings, diaries, etc.) which illustrate, and have allowed us to reconstruct, the study of Prehistoric Archaeology in Italy from the moment of its “birth” in 1876 (the date of foundation of the museum) to the present day and document the journeys of the early Italian explorers outside of Europe, the very journeys that led to the formation of the important ethnological collections managed by the Superintendent.


This material is of fundamental importance for the study of the formation of these disciplines in Italy and the collection itself is almost unique being second only to the national store of documents held by the state.

The document archive was created at the date of the foundation of the museum in 1875.


The archival records documenting the formation of the Institute, especially in terms of acts regarding the museum collections, are a testament to the growth and development of the museum, and the methods employed, before it became a state managed institution.

All documents are stored in numbered and clearly labelled folders.


From 1990 onwards, in order to ensure that the correspondence was protected, the archive has been microfilmed (microfilms are available upon request and subject to approval).


Archive collections:

Other collections:




Pigorini scrive il 16 marzo 1880 al Comm. Prospero Padoa.
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